Pre Finished Oak

Magna Finish

A variety of finishes are available for your boards. By choosing a pre-finished board, the work is done at the manufacturer by machine, giving a consistent texture and reducing overall fitting time.

  • Pre Lacquered floors have up to 5 coats of Lacquer applied on a production line. Once these floors are fitted they require no further surface treatments. You can move back onto the floor the day it is fitted.
  • Pre Oiled floors have one or two coats of Hardwax or UV Oil applied in the factory. These floors require no sanding and only need to be sealed with one more coat of oil after installation. They are ready to walk on the following day.

Other factory finishes can include staining, fuming, thermo aging, as well as the much more modern and unusual  ‘Magna’ finish by Nesca.  This is a finish with a real metal coating and is available in many different metals and styles.

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