Fixings and Finishings

Floor Finishes

Your floor will be completed with a meticulous attention to detail. We use only the highest quality fixtures and finishes with oils and floor sealers from :-

  • Osmo
  • Chimever
  • Treatex
  • Bona


Most wood floors sold in Britain have a lacquer finish, which gives the floor a sheen, is smooth, hard-wearing and easy to keep clean with just  a quick wipe with a dampened mop.

Oiled and oiled-and-waxed floors are quite new in the UK, but are proving popular. They are sealed with a mixture of wood oil and wax. With an oiled floor the oil is impregnated into the top-layer. An oiled and waxed finish is an oiled floor on top of which is a wax finish for added protection. The effect is a subtler sheen than the high gloss of lacquer-varnished floors.

Although oiled and oiled and waxed floors will not attract dirt and are easy to clean in the same way as a lacquered floor, with a damp mop, they will need to be oiled occasionally, and a waxed floor will need to be waxed. This, however, does not take long and need not be done more than once in four months.  We can provide you with a non-chemical oil to maintain it.

The big advantage with oiled floors is that they can look like a new floor forever. If you have a scratch you can sand it away with a small piece of sandpaper and apply new oil.  With a lacquered floor you would need to sand and lacquer the whole floor.

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