Advantages of Wood

The Advantages of Wood Floors

Today’s wide variety of wood floors and finishes complement modern, contemporary and traditional settings and style choices. Importantly wood floors offer many advantages:

  • Real wood and engineered boards are natural products and therefore environmentally friendly
  • Wood floors offer medical benefits from dust reduction & are particularly suitable for individuals who suffer from allergies or asthma. They offer a healthier surface than carpets
  • Wood floors are practical and long lasting
  • Wood floors are easy to maintain with cleaning being simply a matter of a cloth lightly dampened with a recommended cleaning product
  • Wood floors are durable; modern finishes give wood a durability although it is advisable to use rugs in high traffic areas and have furniture legs on supports
  • Wood floors look good and are a long lasting investment to your home or business


Choosing Your Wooden Floor

When choosing your hardwood floor, there is obviously a great deal to consider and we would be delighted to discuss your requirements at any stage of the decision making process. Considering the following key elements can help clients make the right choices.



We offer a large range from Ash through Cherry, Maple and Oak to Panga Panga, Walnut & Wenge.
Being both hard wearing and versatile, Oak continues to be the most popular choice for flooring.  Tropical hardwoods with their distinctive grains and warm tones all sourced from FSC accredited suppliers, for floors with impact.



When we talk about grade of wood we are referring to grading of the appearance, not the quality of the product. The appearance of wood is graded on various scales and is species specific.  For comparison we use the following descriptions for Oak flooring:

  • Prime Grade – Subtle appearance, moderate variations in colour, minimal knots for a crisp clean look
  • 1st Select/1st Bis – Small knots are permitted, generally up to about 15mm some colour variation
  • Nature – Interesting and natural looking wood with knots permitted and some colour variation to be expected
  • Rustic – A traditional looking board with knots and sapwood showing the true beauty of the wood

Tavern or Character Grade – Specifically selected from Rustic Grade to have a lively striking appearance with large dark open knots, splits running along the grain of the wood, sap wood, heart wood and variation in colour


Between different manufacturers there is some overlap in grading, however these descriptions provide a good guide as to the style and character of the wood.



  • Square Shouldered – the boards fit tightly together leaving no gaps between boards. Generally these are only available on boards which are to be sanded and sealed on site
  • Bevelled Edge – the boards give a very small v groove which appears when the boards are fitted together. The depth of the groove varies between manufacturers. In some cases less than one millimetre and on some boards a deep character V.



Board size varies from species to species and between manufacturers.

  • Solid Oak Boards are available from 83mm up to 200mm wide though in most cases boards over 150mm require specialist fitting and we generally recommend using an Engineered Board
  • Engineered Boards usually range in size from 125mm to 300mm, standard sizes are 180mm & 220mm



  • Smooth sanded ~ Standard typical floor finish
  • Brushed ~ Raising the grain of the wood and giving an interesting texture to contemporary style floors. Gives a dramatic colour effect when used in conjunction with coloured oils
  • Hand scraped, hand textured or hand sawn – Various processes are used to give an authentic looking reproduction antique style floors, designed to replicate the look and feel of well loved flooring
  • Distressed or tumbled – For aged and worn looking reproduction reclaimed boards, sometimes with broken edges and surface damage to boards.



There are various options available for changing the colour of oak floors.

  • Brown Oak – a natural darkening of the tree causes a lovely rich brown colour to this oak without any other treatments being applied.
  • Staining – can be a factory finish or bespoke colour applied by our specialist finishers on site
  • Coloured Oils – an excellent way to make subtle changes to the tone & colour of an oak floor. Using a white oil gives a limed effect or a dark brown or black oil can give an aged or antique effect.
  • Steamed, Fumed & Baked – various factory treatments which darken the natural oak, changing the colour throughout the board rather than just a surface treatment.
  • Black or nearly black boards can be created using a fumed or baked oak with ebony coloured oil applied.


Other specialist chemical finishes such as lye, work by bleaching or burning the oak giving a truly unique character floor finish.



A range of bespoke finishes applied in the factory are available.

  • Pre Lacquered floors have up to 5 coats of Lacquer applied on a production line. Once these floors are fitted they require no further surface treatments. You can move back onto the floor the day it is fitted.
  • Pre Oiled floors have one or two coats of Hardwax or UV Oil applied in the factory. These floors require no sanding and only need to be sealed with one more coat of oil after installation. They are ready to walk on the following day.
  • Oil –  we use Treatex Hardwax Traditional Oil, available in clear or a choice of colour. This gives a traditional satin finish suitable for all flooring applications and easy to care for and maintain.
  • Lacquer – we use Bona flooring finishes. Hardwearing and natural looking finish suitable for all wood species.
  • Traditional Floor Treatments – we work regularly in listed & protected buildings where traditional floor finishes such as wax and shellac are required.  We are happy to discuss any client requirements should you require this type of finish.


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